Welcome to Operation FatDag of Carmel, Indiana. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 with Federal Tax ID: 82-3519111. Our mission is to help those at peril of losing a career in the Armed Services to obesity. Specifically, those at risk of involuntary discharge due to a failed physical fitness test. For qualified members and their families, we provide community support as well as the tools required to evaluate their fitness and weight loss goals. A successful mission for us is achieved when they are back in compliance for two consecutive years as recognized by their specific branches fitness and weight management programs.

The Board of Operation FatDag

Mike Daggett Founder/CEO
Keith Hyatt, Chief of Staff
Heather Krieger, CFO
Lisa Hensarling, Secretary
Karen Donvort, Sgt. at Arms
Denise Metcalf, Programs
Patti Rinaca, Board Member
Rhonda Centuolo, Medical Advisor
Anna Studsil, Board Member
Lorie Seibler, Board Member
Amy Lawrence, Education Team
Anne Scott, Education Team
Lenny Zuriff, Board Member
Dianne Tonietto, Board Member
Stacee Evans, Board Member
Karen Antczak, Board Member

Our Origin Story: